Together4Health is a new model of healthcare created to improve the health and quality of life of Chicagoans in need.

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It's a broken system that's
expensive and difficult to navigate.

Together, we can fix it

by creating a new kind of healthcare model

where everyone
works together

to improve the health and quality of care

one person at a time.
Together4Health Model

Our participants will be able to access a wide network of services and service providers while reducing duplication of services received.

Here's what that means:

We will improve how our participants experience health care.

We will improve the health of our participants.

We will reduce the cost of care for those we serve.

We will improve and support the health of our communities.

If we are able to coordinate access to things like supportive housing services, preventative care, or mental health services, it's likely that health outcomes will improve, and our participants will be able to remain in their communities.

What's wrong with healthcare today?

It's expensive

Health care expenditures in the United States are currently about 18% of the GDP.

Lack of
Preventive Care

Our current system focuses on treating the sick, not keeping individuals healthy.

We don't address social determinants of health

Poverty, lack of affordable housing, and family instability are all factors that play a role in an individualís health.

We must

healthcare in illinois

while also addressing

looming budget cuts

and deficits.


of the Illinois state budget is spent on Medicaid

of clients who are seniors
and persons with disabilities

of the State's
Medicaid budget

Illinois has some big decisions to make

The new federal healthcare law provides access to Medicaid for more than 300,000 newly eligible state residents in 2014; and a new state law requires half of all Medicaid recipients must be moved to coordinated care, like Together4Health. It means many more low-income adults will now have health insurance, but for a cash-strapped state, it will require some fundamental new ways of providing healthcare.

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